Voyage Kids

Voyage Kids

The Voyage Kids Foundation was created to enable every kid to have an opportunity to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. We aim to provide for these kids who may not have had the chance to excel and want to create memories which will last a lifetime. There are four elements to our foundation;

- Elite Sports Program - Voyage Kids elite sports’ programs support local elite athletes as they strive to achieve their dreams. We provide assistance to the athletes that meet our criteria; the use of our facility, assistance and support from our qualified trainers and memberships. This allows them to continue their journey at the highest level.
- Local Sporting Clubs - Voyage Kids’ Sporting Club Program offers the recognition and assistance by way of club attire, signage and donations. Our local sporting clubs are the heart of our community and by working together we can create stronger, healthier and more family friendly sporting clubs for our local kids.
- Underprivileged Program - Voyage Kids’ Underprivileged Program is aimed at providing the less fortunate kids of our community an experience of physical activity they may not have been able to afford. We want to provide a memory, an experience or just the chance to do something new in an enjoyable, friendly and safe environment.
- Schools' Program - Voyage Kids School Program joins our passionate Voyage Kids Foundation Trainers and local schools in working together to give all kids the opportunity to be fit and healthy in an enjoyable and friendly environment. Our program partners up with local schools to help students learn early fitness skills. We aim to play a part in setting an early foundation for a lifetime of physical activity.


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